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Migrating from Box to OneDrive / SharePoint for better efficiency, cost-effectiveness and ease of operations

TrnDigital is a leading Microsoft 365 Services provider with proven expertise in Microsoft 365 Migration.

Our Box to OneDrive migration offering is powered by our proprietary tool “Migration Manager." It helps move files from box to onedrive effectively and easily.

While migrating to OneDrive is the right decision from the business standpoint, it is equally important to get this migration done by using a proven process

Identify and Classify Data
  • Before you move files from box to onedrive, identify and segregate data based on type, age, permissions, volume and other characteristics.
  • Apply relevant characteristics to the data wherever missing.
Migrate To Onedrive
  • Migrate files from box to OneDrive at scale with a predefined migration plan.
  • Sync your data from Box to OneDrive based on the identification and classification done in the earlier stage.
Continual Evaluation
  • Assess data continually to ascertain relevant data attributes are applied to each data set.
  • Identify data that is insecure and take necessary actions including correct, move, delete etc to enhance the onedrive migration best practices.

Want to know more about our Box to OneDrive / SharePoint Migration Best Practices?

Learn all you need to know & key factors you must consider for a successful migration

Move files from box to onedrive

The Key Highlights


Move millions of files and data


End to End Program Management


Service Adoption and Change Management


Warranty Support post Go-Live

Why TrnDigital?

Avoid mistakes that cost time and money

Avoid any box to onedrive migration failure scenarios with our team of experts who have executed countless successful migrations.

Different tools have different limitations

TrnDigital has a repository of scripts and tools to mitigate the limitations posed by vendor tools even when you migrate onedrive to box.

Validation and Remediation Expertise

Trained resources who can troubleshoot migration issues, perform detailed validation & remediation.

Support for exceptional scenarios

We help clients handle customizations and provide workarounds for unsupported scenarios. Your files to migrate box to onedrive just got easier.

Change Management Offering

Our Change Management approach focuses on the 5 Key elements that ensure higher acceptance and adoption rates of the Change being implemented
  • Awareness
  • Intent
  • Knowledge
  • Capability
  • Continuous Improvement

Methods to migrate box to onedrive

Methods to Implement Five Elements of Change

  • Genius Bar
  • Focus Groups
  • Training Sessions
  • Video Trainings
  • Presentation & Demos
  • One-On-Ones

Various modes of User Engagement

1Tailored video offerings – Train your employees at scale

2Reusable resources & Communication Templates

3Prebuilt Change management Dashboard – Easily validate and sign-off

Number Of Users Implemented
Organizations Impacted
Client Retention Rate


How Does TrnDigital Help You

TrnDigital can help your organization with establishing a cloud strategy and determining the best approach to migrating your platforms or applications and leveraging all of the benefits that the cloud has to offer. It aids you to move files from box to onedrive efficiently and effectively.
Proven Track Record
Experience in executing successful migration projects for several clients across industries
Microsoft partnership
Microsoft Partnership
Premier Partner for Microsoft Initiatives, Joint readiness and training plans
Frameworks And Accelerators
Frameworks and Accelerators
TrnDigital Migration Manager streamlines all aspects of the box to onedrive Migration offering automation at every step.