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Microsoft Office 365 & SharePoint provides a suite of Tools, Support and Consulting Services that are focused on enabling employee productivity including SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, Skype for Business Online, OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Teams, Yammer, Power BI, Microsoft Planner, and Sway.

Microsoft Office 365 & SharePoint

Benefits of Office 365:
    • Mobility: Being cloud-based, Office 365 for small business allows you access to your data and documents from anywhere, at any time. Employees can use Office 365 from their work computers as well as personal devices when operating remotely.
    • Collaboration: Office 365 provides multiple tools out of the box to streamline and modernize how your employees interact and collaborate with each other regardless of their devices ( desktop/mobile/tablet)  and locations.
    • Office 365 Productivity Tools: Tools like Microsoft Flow, Microsoft Power Apps, Microsoft Delve, Microsoft Groups and Office 365 Video provides a multitude of ways to build a quick business application to improve your employees’ productivity. Our Office 365 team help you make your cloud solution an entire section of the enterprise digital environment and a useful productivity tool for each employee.
    • Reduced Costs: Office 365’s pay-as-you-go pricing model provides flexibility and predictability. It allows you to pay for the services and storage that you need and save on maintenance costs of having an on-premise server.
    • Project management: Office 365 team allows you to create workflows for projects and assign tasks to different people. You can set due dates and see the progress your employees have made.
    • Built-in Security: Office 365 uses the most secure encryption methods, meaning your data and documents are safe from ransomware and other cyber attacks. It also comes with its own built-in antivirus software.
    • Compliance: Office 365 migration services are certified as compliant with ISO 27001 standards and have achieved the EU Safe Harbor seal. It can also help you comply with HIPAA and FERPA standards through added controls.
Strategy & Roadmap

  • Technology Stack Fitment including “Which Tool When”
  • Office 365 vs. Cloud IaaS vs.
  • Change Management Strategy

Enterprise Offering

  • Establishing an Internal Services Team & Structure
  • Defining Team Structure for On-going Operations


  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring & Continuous Improvement
  • Microsoft 365 Technical support

Information Architecture

  • Taxonomy
  • Metadata Strategy
  • Content Strategy

Modern Intranets

  • SharePoint Framework
  • Analytics Insights
  • Predictive Recommendations
  • Mobile-First

Migration Services

  • On-premises to Cloud
  • Lotus Notes to SharePoint/O365
  • Legacy Platforms to SharePoint/O365

Change Management

  • Communications Planning
  • User Adoption Strategy
  • Classroom Training and Webinars

On-Premises Deployments

  • Capacity Planning & Performance Engineering
  • Hybrid Configurations
  • Controlled Environments

Modern DevOps

  • Maturity Analysis
  • Jump-Start Toolkit
  • Process Engineering

Migrate to Office 365 with TrnDigital

Our team of Office 365 Consultants/Experts can help move your current infrastructure to cloud seamlessly, on time and within your budget. From planning to delivering, to post-implementation support, TrnDigital will support you and your team every step of the way.