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Take control of your SharePoint Migration Project

SharePoint Migration Projects involve many stakeholders, parallel activities, disparate tools, and a lot of manual effort.

A typical migration would include:

  • Running pre-migration scans.
  • Manually interpreting the pre-scan reports.
  • Communicating to site owners and stakeholders.
  • Understanding usage and complexity.
  • Bundling and scheduling sites.

  • Building migration scripts against your tool of choice.
  • Executing migrations, manually tracking, and re-migrating errors.
  • Documenting recurring issues and resolutions.
  • Creating post-migration validation & reconciliation reports.
  • Coordinating with site owners for testing and sign-off.
  • Monitoring source environment for changes while the migration project is ongoing.
  • Providing reports to project stakeholders and business sponsors.

Introducing the TrnDigital Migration Manager, which brings all of these aspects together under one streamlined umbrella, offering automation at every step.



  • Automate the analysis of site migration readiness by reducing manual logs interpretations and leveraging TrnDigital’s Known Errors Database.
  • Dynamically plan site grouping based on business & environmental changes via recommendations from ongoing automated analysis.
  • Streamline all migration-related communications including broad and targeted emails & surveys.
  • Track the migration progress across all phases using automated integration with your migration tool’s logs.
  • Gain stakeholder confidence by providing automated verification audits of migrated content.
    Use insights to mitigate risks throughout the migration including monitoring of changes to your source environment.
  • Automatically generate weekly status reports to keep stakeholders informed and provide access to Key Performance Indicators.

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