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Ensure the success of your projects.

Large projects, such as cloud migrations require multiple parties, vendors and stakeholders. TrnDigital can help break down functional silos, engage and manage global stakeholders, and ensure that your projects are completed on time and within budget. We help ensure that your project goals align with your business needs, reduce management errors and mitigate all risk.

Choosing the best Microsoft solution provider, you can gain the needed success of your projects.

Program Management
Large programs typically contain multiple inter-dependent projects, multiple vendors, and multiple time zones around the globe. TrnDigital has extensive experience in managing and ensuring proper risk mitigation within and across projects within a program.
Global Stakeholder Management
Successful global initiatives require the alignment of stakeholders with appropriate levels of negotiation and expectation management. TrnDigital has a global network of Senior Consultants that can be assembled in geographies local to your Global Stakeholders to ensure proper alignment.
Team Additions
Whether you are preparing to kick-off a new project or need help recovering from a slipped deadline; TrnDigital can help get your project back on track and remain on schedule. By supplementing your team with a core-flex model, we can bring the right expertise at every stage of your project.
Solution Architecture Review
The solution architecture of your project sets the framework for everything including functionality, risks, trade-offs, maintainability, and optimizations. Mistakes that are made during the architecture design can remain hidden for long periods and result in costly re-work when surfaced. TrnDigital can provide an independent review to ensure your project is headed in the right direction.
RFP Structuring
RFP responses often include varying degrees of assumptions and broad ranges of proposed schedules and costs. TrnDigital can help write your RFP and ensures that the appropriate information is provided to your vendors and that reasonable assumptions are made. We can help to reduce discrepancies because of vendor assumptions and improve the cost of vendor bids.
Multi-Service Integration
Delivering a solution based on many platforms & services can be a daunting experience. TrnDigital can bring together Enterprise Architects and platform specialists to work as a unified team delivering the optimum solution.

Ensure the success of your projects.

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