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Expert support on VEEVA CRM to empower your reps.

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Why TrnDigital Veeva Managed Services?

We offer Veeva Managed Services to assist small and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies in their Veeva CRM Post Implementation services. They provide a distinct HelpDesk model that caters to different levels of support and implementation requirements.

No long waiting hours

We empathize with the frustration of being in the field, meeting with Health Care Professionals (HCPs), and facing difficulties accessing the Veeva CRM App or encountering issues with its features. You no longer need to wait for Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to take effect, which can result in prolonged waiting periods.

Priority Support

Through our HelpDesk, we provide prioritized support with a speedy resolution to address all common issues.

Veeva CRM Managed Services Offerings

Level 2 – Veeva Application Support
  • User Administration
  • Territory/Role Management
  • LOV Changes/Modifications
  • Data Security
  • Reports/Dashboards Management
  • Sandbox/Environment Management
  • Dedicated Training Environments
  • Monthly/Complex Data Loads
  • 3rd Party Stakeholder Support
  • Release Impact Assessment/Testing
Level 3 – Veeva Application Development
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Conversion of Business to Technical Requirements
  • Veeva CRM Configuration
  • Salesforce Customizations
  • Testing – UAT/UFT
  • Deployment
  • Training Materials

Your customers deserve the best, and with Veeva CRM, you can deliver it. Our solution is designed to help you provide personalized and meaningful interactions with your customers, building trust and loyalty that drives long-term success. Ready to take your customer engagement to the next level? Contact us now to schedule a demo and see Veeva CRM in action!

What sets up apart?

Rep Level Engagement
Our Veeva CRM services facilitate better engagement between your representatives and healthcare professionals, leading to improved communication and stronger relationships.
Comprehensive Support Package
We offer unlimited support for your Veeva CRM system, and also provide fixed-price services for enhancements, ensuring that your system stays up-to-date and runs smoothly.
Change Control Process
Our change control process ensures that any changes made to your Veeva CRM system are properly documented, tested, and implemented in a controlled manner, minimizing risks and ensuring system stability.
Budget Optimization Strategy
Our Veeva CRM services are cost-effective, providing you with high-quality support and services at a reasonable price.
Enhanced User Onboarding Initiative
We help increase user adoption of your Veeva CRM system through training, support, and ongoing communication, ensuring that your investment in the system is maximized.

How we’ve helped our clients

These core values define who we are and the work we do.


To manage an effective Veeva CRM Managed Services for a US based Biotechnology Company They were looking to increased efficiency, scalability as per their current and future needs, in a cost-effective manner. Client is also interested to ensure the company’s change management guidelines are adhered to and keeping the user experience in confidence.

Our Solution

We provided the needed support coverage and the technical depth on the Veeva CRM application on the clients preferred response and resolution SLAs.
A combination of US and Offshore based support was provided at a fixed monthly cost to give the predictability needed to effectively manage the budget and free up the client’s Internal IT resources.
Increased user adoption because of efficient issue resolutions and feature additions and thorough understanding of user needs.
Adherence to change management process in ensuring proper documentation of change requests, approvals, functional/technical documentations, and user guides.


Great Customer and Sales Reps Experience
Improved Efficiency
Process Standardization
Delivery Excellence and Improved SLAs
Established an effective change management process

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