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It’s a game-changer,built on Microsoft’s deep understanding of user needs and cutting-edge AI research.

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Drawing upon our deep understanding of Microsoft technologies and leveraging proven methodologies and tools, we craft tailored transformations tailored to your specific Copilot goals and needs. At the forefront of embracing Copilot for Microsoft 365, we pioneer the use of generative AI to enhance productivity, foster creativity, and drive innovation—both for our clients and within our own operations. Our all-encompassing services cover critical areas such as security, data protection, skills development, and governance, guaranteeing a smooth and responsible integration of Copilot.

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How we can guide your Copilot for Microsoft 365 journey

Copilot Transformation
Enhance the effectiveness of your workplace with Copilot Transformation, a comprehensive solution designed to maximize the benefits of Copilot for Microsoft 365. Utilizing our extensive knowledge of Microsoft technologies, along with proven methodologies and tools, we guide you through the development and implementation of a responsible AI framework. Our tailored transformation aligns seamlessly with your Copilot objectives, addressing aspects such as security, data protection, skillsets, mindsets, and governance. Our aim is to equip you for the evolving landscape of the future workplace.
Readiness Assessment
Prepare your organization for Copilot Swift and successful integration of Copilot for Microsoft 365 is a crucial factor that sets you apart in the competition for talent and market positioning. Our readiness assessment is designed to determine your current position on the Microsoft 365 and Power Platform maturity journey. It identifies the essential next steps required to guarantee a seamless integration, ensuring your workplace is well-prepared for Copilot.
Value Framework
Craft a business case centered on value for Copilot Engage our Workplace Advisory team to assist you in recognizing and harmonizing your business objectives and obstacles with the advantages and capabilities offered by Copilot for Microsoft 365. Through the development of a tailored Value Framework, you can effectively communicate the significance of Copilot for your organization. Benefit from our expertise as we provide you with best practices and recommendations for the successful adoption of Copilot throughout your organization.
Information Management
Enhance Copilot's functionality by prioritizing data security, privacy, and compliance To maximize the benefits of Copilot for Microsoft 365, it's crucial to ensure the security and compliance of your data. Leveraging our Information Management Accelerator, our expert team will evaluate your SharePoint data governance and management procedures, offering recommendations for a resilient governance model. We'll assist you in implementing appropriate security and compliance controls, system connectors, and information architecture, enabling you to optimize your data discovery and management capabilities while maintaining the integrity of your data.
Change Enablement
Facilitate the integration of generative AI in the workplace for your employees The success of implementing Copilot for Microsoft 365 at a rapid and extensive scale hinges on the engagement of your workforce. Our Change Enablement solution is tailored to make your team "People Ready," enhancing adoption rates, minimizing risks, and accelerating overall value. Our approach to organizational change is structured, adaptable, and prioritizes people, covering all phases from Proof of Value to complete implementation. This includes strategy and stakeholder analysis, communication, alignment, training, support, measurement, and transition.
Create and implement personalized extensions for Copilot While Copilot for Microsoft 365 is a robust tool, its effectiveness relies on the data and access to third-party systems. Utilize our Copilot Extensibility Accelerator to augment the capabilities of Copilot through custom connectors, plug-ins, Power Platform, or Microsoft Copilot Studio. Whether you aim to introduce new functionalities, enhance user experiences, or integrate with other platforms, our assistance in building tailored extensions will cater to your specific requirements.

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