Fixed Price Migrations

Whether you're looking to upgrade your existing infrastructure or make a complete transition to the cloud, our team of experts will make your migration fast, efficient and cost-effective. We offer fixed cost end to end migration, from analysis to go-live, with milestone-based pricing, charged only when milestones are achieved.

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Partner With Us For Any Of Your Migration Scenarios

TrnDigital has helped more than hundreds of organizations perform successful Office 365 and SharePoint migrations.

Office 365 Tenant Migration
Manage Mergers, Spin-offs seamlessly with our Tenant Migration solutions
OneDrive Migration
Move File Shares, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, etc. to OneDrive for Business
SharePoint Online Migration
Move your legacy version or current on-premise SharePoint solution to the cloud
Exchange Online Migration
Move on-premise mailbox, Lotus Notes, Gmail, etc. to Exchange Online

Planning to Migrate to Office 365?

Learn all you need to know and key factors you must consider for a successful migration.

How does TrnDigital Help You

TrnDigital can help your organization with establishing a cloud strategy and determining the best approach to migrating your platforms or applications and leveraging all of the benefits that the cloud has to offer.

Proven Track Record
Experience in executing successful migration projects for several clients across industries
Microsoft Partnership
Premier Partner for Microsoft Initiatives, Joint readiness and training plans
Framework and Accelerators
TrnDigital Migration Manager streamlines all aspects of Migration offering automation at every step.

A knowledgeable, flexible cloud migration-management team can simplify the migration-to-the-cloud process. Specifically, having a team on your side ensures that you don't have to make these decisions without consulting with those who already understand the process.

Case Study


The client had split into two business entities and wanted to migrate data for the newly created entity from the existing O365 tenant to a new tenant. Since the client was a pharmaceutical company, there was a lot of GXP data in the source tenant.


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