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Massachusetts based medical devices corporation migrates to Microsoft Teams to Enhance Workplace Efficiency and have better Collaboration across departments.

Industry: Medical Devices

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The client is a healthcare company that develops medical devices and software that elevates emergency care hence saving lives.

Solution Summary

The goal of the project was to establish a centralized platform for the client’s employees that would empower them to find information and seamlessly collaborate with other business units of the organization through a single global platform on any device, anywhere, any time.

The client previously used multiple tools like Skype, Lync, Zoom, Slack and Webex for collaboration and file sharing. The purpose was to migrate to Microsoft Teams and rely on a single unified platform to meet all the organizational collaboration needs


  • The existence of multiple third party tools in itself was a huge challenges as it limited effective collaboration.
  • The users were spread across geographies and all of them used multiple platforms for collaboration and sharing. This geographic spread along with the absence of centralized collaboration meant minimal or no unification of data and information.
  • Since the client worked with non-unified systems, this meant different data structures for different organizational units.
  • Employees were not able to work together seamlessly and found it time consuming to navigate to the information they needed.
  • There was no uniformity in how users accessed and shared their files and documents with each other. Document tracking, versioning and storing had indeed become a challenging task.

Solution Strategy

The legacy IT landscape of the client organization posed many challenges with multiple tools and platforms. To overcome this gamut of pain points meant the solution had to be implemented in a phased manner. We adopted the below strategic approach to implement the solution.

AssessmentAssessment: We conducted initial discovery of usage and configuration and used previous collaboration tools for benchmarking. A list of Potential Teams based on SharePoint and Legacy apps was created. Using this information a detailed teams IT Roadmap Assessment was carried out.

Implementation PlanImplementation Plan: Multiple Pilot teams were created with the Champions. We closely worked with the pilot teams to tailor communications, support and Teams that resonated the Organizations culture. A deployment plan was created considering the client’s Cross functional teams, Locations, Users, Functionality and Timing.

MigrationMigration: As per the implementation plan we rolled out Chat, Meetings and Mobile devices to all 6500 employees. 1 location per day was targeted with divisions across US, Europe and Asia Pacific. We also executed the Training and Communication plan that included interactive guides, videos, video conference, quick help guides, Lunch & Learns, Office Hours, Stream etc.

Service AdoptionService Adoption: We effectively monitored adoption metrics and addressed user issues. Best practices and lessons learned were documented before transferring operational ownership to the Client’s staff.


Below were the results realized after successful implementation of and migration to Microsoft Teams.

  • The initiative successfully migrated all its users who were spread across various collaboration tools to a single communication tool, Teams.
  • Users devices included to deploy Teams were Desktops, Laptops and Mobiles (iOS and Android).
  • Migration of 6500 users to teams platform.
  • Increased transparency in document creation and archival.
  • Ease in collaboration for users across domains and across geographies.

Users working in the client’s IT department experienced an individual time saving of up to 4 hours per week due to improved collaboration and information sharing. Around 90% of the users acknowledge that Teams implementation has resulted in better remote worker engagement.

Implementing Microsoft Teams to experience enhanced Workplace Productivity and Collaboration

Microsoft Teams is a workplace productivity platform that brings all the collaboration and communication solutions within Microsoft into a focused workspace. Increased adoption and usage of Teams helps organizations improve access to information and free up users hence allowing them to focus on high value activities, further reducing operating costs and nurturing greater innovation.

If you are planning any Microsoft implementation and looking for help, feel free to request a consultation.