Driving Microsoft Teams Adoption

Driving Microsoft Teams Adoption


Team Enablement Isn’t Enough

Teams is one of the fastest-growing business applications out there and when used correctly Teams helps organizations become more productive, transparent, and collaborative.

Whether your organization is coming from Skype for Business, Slack, or another collaboration platform, Teams is sure to be an improvement but can still be challenging. One of, if not that largest, challenges in implementing a new tool is the adoption of the tool.

Whether you are an executive that wants to implement change management and get a great ROI, or an end-user that needs and wants to become more productive, a successful roll-out and adoption of Teams is critical for you. As many of you may have learned there is a lot more to deploying Teams than simply turning it on.

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Join TrnDigital’s Scott Hull as he breaks down expert deployment and adoption strategies that WORK FOR YOU. Get the complete framework that outlines the process to optimize your results.

You will learn how to:

  1. Discover if your organization is ready for Teams, what it might take to get there, or why you might be struggling if you’ve already deployed
  2. Key components of a successful Teams deployment strategy and plan
  3. How to drive adoption of Office 365 and Microsoft Teams from the bottom up, and top-down
  4. Tools and resources to help you through the deployment and to help your users through adoption strugglesa
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