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Ongoing support to help you maximize your investment.

As your business evolves, so do your technology needs. Your custom applications and platforms need to scale with your growing business. TrnDigital provides ongoing support to keep your infrastructure running smoothly and efficiently. We closely monitor software upgrades and changes to help you mitigate risks and maximize your ROI.

Shared Production Support
TrnDigital can provide 24x7 shared production support for your critical platforms and applications, whether they be on-premises or in the cloud. By leveraging a shared services model, we can efficiently support multiple clients at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated team.
Ongoing Enhancements
As your business evolves, your application needs will continue to change. TrnDigital offers shared application maintenance services, where your custom applications or platform customizations can be maintained by our team of certified architects and developers.
Alignment with Office 365 Platform Updates and Changes
Microsoft releases frequent updates to Office 365, often more than a dozen each month. Staying on top of the changes, understanding how they impact your business and applications, and training your support staff is a large task. At TrnDigital, we closely monitor all changes and help your team proactively understand the risks and impact.
Mobile Platform Testing & Correction
As new Apple and Android phones are released and the existing phones patched, compatibility and usability testing of these new devices and operating system versions becomes critical. TrnDigital can help your organization stay ahead of the curve by proactively testing your applications against development releases of all operating system changes and phone device resolutions.

Ongoing support to help you maximize your investment.

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