TrnDigital is Proud to be a Project Cortex Launch Partner

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Microsoft is redefining legacy Enterprise Content Management (ECM) to serve modern customer needs. TrnDigital, as a recognized Content Services Partner, can help accelerate your success powered by Microsoft 365, Project Cortex, SharePoint Syntex, and SharePoint.

TrnDigital was evaluated and recognized for our proven success in high-impact scenarios, including the following:


Helping plan for new systems and improvements to existing systems


Installing new systems, including planning, deployment, training, and support


Moving systems from one operating environment to Microsoft 365


Gathering, organizing, sharing and analyzing an organization’s tacit and explicit knowledge in terms of resources, documents, and people skills

Compliance/Records Management

Managing regulatory and product control information, company policies, and records throughout their lifecycle


Digitizing paper and electronic records, validating data, and more


Workloads not caught by the other categories, such as Data Quality and Viewers


Updating process and workflows so they align with a desired feature state

TrnDigital’s Content Services Overview

Modern work brings new challenges

time demands

People spend 80% of their time collaborating, find 44% of meeting time unproductive

amounts of data

People spend 20% of their work week searching for information, 59% struggle to find information


People are switching tasks every 40 seconds, take 20+ minutes to refocus

The Workplace is changing

With growth in data, and limited attention spans, finding information is hard

The traditional IT role is shifting from managing servers to empowering users

Expectations morphed to want knowledge and answers, not just data

Our Content Services Solutions

Drive adoption and usage of Microsoft 365, focusing on Project Cortex.

Move customers of legacy or competing solutions

Help realized full value of knowledge & Insights (K&I) solutions

If you are planning any Microsoft implementation and looking for help, feel free to request a consultation.