As you reopen your lab and offices avoid the scenarios where a single employee puts your entire office at risk. Implement process and technology measures to give employees confidence to return to office.

Get the Safe Workplace Function Tool framework to identify and correct hazards and improve safety.

What SWFT can do for your company

Allows employees to plan lab activities to ensure maximizes social distancing
  • Person and Attendance
  • Project/Study
  • Experiment & Activities
  • Schedule
  • Location and Equipment
Track and provide visibility into lab and office usage
  • Graphical schedule to plan experiments while proactively avoiding conflicts
  • Allow lab users to identify location capacity conflicts and resolve among themselves
  • Provide ability to trace contacts in case of a COVID19 infection
Solution that can be customized and improved over time
  • Provide longer term view into usage to allow better planning in the context of lab capacity

Would you like to know more?

Learn all you need to know and key factors you must consider for safe workplace planning.

SWFT Features

Intuitive and graphical user interface for entering data
Plan a single activity or an experiment with multiple activities
Plan based on Date, Shifts, Locations, and Equipment
TBD shift for long term planning
Location availability information handy while planning an activity
Plan for employees or visitors, delegated bookings
Can be used for office and lab spaces
Plan experiments with series of activities, all from one interface
Clone activities and experiments to create new ones from templates
No need for COVID-Response-Calendar
Real-time conflict identification using Status lists with visual queues
Improved Day Activity View and other reports
Future planning made easy with 7-day calendar of activities with visual markers
Resolve conflicts right from the calendar by contacting activity owners
Personalized activity and experiment dashboard

SWFT Screen Shots

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