Case Study: Boston based Biotech firm gets more done by modernizing the workplace


Biotech Company, Pharma Company


Client is a healthcare company dedicated to making a difference for people living with gastrointestinal (GI) diseases.

Solution Summary

They were primarily focused on transforming knowledge into medicines that make a difference for patients. The goal of customer was to establish a centralized communications and productivity platform for their employees and contractors that would empower employees to find information and collaborate effectively through a single global platform on any device, anywhere, any time.

The solution was to provide an experience that will enable employees as they strive to achieve their mission of making a difference for patients while living out core values such as collaboration, innovation, and ownership. This transformation was envisioned through a User-Centric Intranet using Office 365 Communication Sites and the SharePoint Framework.


Client had a legacy Intranet was not a Primary Source for the latest information. The navigation was not effective and the search experience on the legacy intranet was weak. Employees found it time consuming and extremely difficult to navigate to the information they needed. The existing intranet was expensive to own and run. It was complex to author new content and the Intranet was not cross-device capable and would not render well on tablets and smart phones.

The content also lacked uniformity and there were no clear policies in place to enforce the content was being kept up to date. The other challenge was that the content on the existing intranet was out of date and stale. With these problems and poor user experience there was very little value for the user and the usage of the intranet had gone low and it was found that about 66% of the users were inactive.

Solution Strategy

Our approach was to put the user first, perform research and gain insights. We identified over 50 Stakeholders across the organization that helped bringing forward a diverse set of expectations from the future Intranet. A consultative requirement gathering was followed with wireframes and Visual Design iterations to nail down the look and feel aligned to Intranet vision.

The SharePoint Framework (SPFx) and React were the fundamental building blocks to bringing this to life. We created a requirement Heat Map to help prioritize future releases. Office 365 Patterns & Practices wrappers simplified our code base and examples helped us get started on some of the components. Several components leveraged Azure Function Apps for improved performance with enhanced caching and content aggregation. Social Gatherings at customer location were leveraged to create a buzz around the Intranet and help with adoption. Ongoing review of analytics to track adoption. Ongoing Governance to keep the intranet aligned with customers business needs of keeping the content fresh.

  • Below are the benefits realized:
  • A Modernized experience delivered through future ready solution.
  • Enabled to leverage New Capabilities and features of O365 Platform
  • New Intranet became the Centralized Information source for employees to look for the most up to date information and a vehicle for all corporate communications
  • Streamlined content authoring and content update.
  • Reduced duplication of content.
  • Improved content discovery.
  • Consistent and Seamless user experience across channels
  • Improved Collaboration & enhanced Self Service features

After the implementation the increase in the Adoption of Intranet was measured and found to have a higher degree of employee engagement. There was a 50% productivity increase in accessing files. There was a 40% increase in mobile usage of the site.


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