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Azure Migration Process

Ease your migration to azure

Azure Migration Process

  • Assess

    We assess the goals and objectives of your business and map them to relevant KPIs to determine the right cloud adoption configurations and parameters. It helps us deliver a migration strategy best suited for your setup.

  • Optimize

    We help you take care of post-migration optimizations for the latest IT architecture. We monitor and finetune the behavior of your software and services, reconfigurations, refactoring the IT spread, and all the related integrations

  • Migrate

    The needs-based assessment helps us create an optimum migration blueprint and prioritize critical workloads. We then orchestrate rehosting followed by asset optimization and reconfigure your IT landscape to synchronize with the latest ecosystem

  • Secure & Manage

    We help you understand the nuances of managing cloud workloads and optimize your system for data integrity, compliance with regulations, business risks, and data security. Achieve consistency and standardization in your business processes with Azure migration

Azure Migration Scenarios


Simplify database assessments with integrated tools to understand SKU recommendations, Azure readiness and cloud cost projections.


Learn how Azure Migrate helps you assess whether it makes sense to move a web application to Azure.


Assess virtual desktop infrastructure to understand performance and usage details and migrate underlaying machines.


You can come to us in readying your GCP VM instances to be migration compliant. We also help you prepare the Azure Migration resource for the move


We make it easy for you to migrate from Amazon Web Services to Azure by performing migration assessment and VM discovery to orchestrate the move better


If you are seeking to migrate from VMWare to Azure, we assist you with setting up your migration environments on both sides to help you achieve the migration faster

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Compliance on Azure

We understand that it is overwhelming to consider all the data compliance standards active today (like GDPR and CCPA). We help you navigate the countless compliance offerings Azure provides to its clients, helping you better understand the regulatory landscape. We set up Azure Compliance Manager in line with the mandates applicable to your business, making it easier for you to monitor and keep track of your status using the compliance reporting features of this module. You can learn to use Compliance Manager Controls to orchestrate compliances for any specific case or environment. We also help you execute compliance assessments with built-in templates.

SQL-Based Migration to Azure

SQL-Based Migration to Azure

Migrate your SQL Server workloads to the cloud to get the performance and security of SQL Server combined with the flexibility and hybrid Connectivity of Azure. Get built in security and automated management when you register your virtual machines (VMs) with the SQL Server IaaS agent extension.

Does your business operate over different databases? We can help you migrate to Azure with SSMA – SQL Server Migration Assistant. The platform supports Microsoft Access, SAP ASE, Oracle, MySQL, and DB2. We help you ease out the complications associated with migrating data from disparate databases onto Azure with as little downtime as possible.

Why migrate and modernize with Azure?

Empower Your Business to Achieve More with Azure Migrations
  • Azure Backup
    Effective Backup Storage

    The modern organization is all about being agile. With Azure clouds, your data is stored, backed up, and secured on highly accessible networks, enabling and empowering work without downtime

  • Azure migration
    Time is Money

    Focus on what is important to your business by letting us manage the Azure migration. Create automated workflows and optimize your processes hosted on Azure’s clouds saving your workforce’s time

  • Security
    Advanced Security

    Azure equips you with security management tools that let you configure the security for your physical, operational, and infrastructural operations on the cloud. Let us help you set it up

  • Azure Services
    Modernize on your terms

    Azure lets businesses operate on a pay-as-you-use basis, allowing you to modernize your IT at your pace and terms. Adopt new solutions when you are ready

  • Azure Platform
    Availability of Platform

    You never have to worry about server loads again. Azure’s IT infrastructure employs smart load balancing and data management systems that prevent downtimes and quicker failovers

  • Azure hybrid model
    Hybrid Model

    We understand the requirements of a business – some may need full migration to the cloud, while others may need a mix of on-premises and online. With Azure, you are free to choose your model

Why Choose TrnDigital?

End to end Visibility
End-to-End Visibility
Azure Monitoring environment lets you monitor your cloud activity from one end to another. No grey areas, no gaps. We help you set up a full-control environment on Azure with complete transparency
Azure cloud capability
Diverse Capabilities
Azure Cloud offers over 200 products and a variety of cloud services that help you run your business smoothly from its clouds. Gain access to tools that help you operate on multiple cloud configurations and on Edge as well
Azure scalability
The Azure platform allows you to scale your business at your own pace, helping you phase the deployment and mobilization of various functionalities per your needs


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