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Take care of your Digital Investments by Knowing the Unknowns

Enterprises are leveraging Digital Solutions to innovate and provide engaging user experiences more than ever before. These digital solutions are often early in their maturity life cycle and can introduce challenges and undocumented behavior. Combining multiple digital platforms to offer modern experiences amplifies the associated risks with interdependencies.

Qbott provides a centralized cloud-based platform to ensure that your Digital Investments are delivering value by analyzing and auditing their key attributes across all channels.


  • Ensure the health of your Digital Investments (Websites, Mobile Apps, and APIs) running across all your environments.
  • Compare the before & after behavior of your digital solutions after new releases, infrastructure upgrades, platform upgrades, and other changes introduced into the environment.
  • Discover issues due to functional errors, embedded technologies failures, content & code corruption, branding changes, performance bottlenecks, and security & compliance issues.
  • Audit issues and automatically provide Call to Actions for resolving problems.
  • Examine drill-down reports and health trends for each digital investment, enabling stakeholders at various levels to address the most critical issues promptly.
  • CxO Dashboard to showcase meaningful insights across all Company Digital Investments.


  • Cloud-based Audit & Assurance Bot
  • Issue detection & actionable solution recommendations
  • Ability to inspect and provide trending information on:
  • Broken Pages & Resources
  • Content Issues
  • Code Errors
  • Code Quality Issues
  • Workflow Issues
  • Performance Issues
  • Cookie Issues
  • Web Analytics Health
  • Design Uniformity Issues
  • Accessibility Issues
  • Preset templates for Office 365 Application Testing

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